Merrimack is a picturesque town in the coastal state of New Hampshire. The Town falls within the jurisdiction of Hillsborough County and has a population of around 26,000 according to a 2017 survey. Merrimack town is home to four well-known villages, namely South Merrimack, Merrimack Village, Reeds Ferry, and Thorntons Ferry.
Archeological evidence shows that the first native settlers of the area that would become Merrimack town arrived and settled there in the years that followed the last ice age. They belonged to the Penacook tribe, a subsection of the Algonquin native tribes that had settled in and around the Merrimack basin and river for years.
The name Merrimack is believed to have been coined by this group of the native settlers in reference to the great sturgeon (Merramake/Monnomoke) fish population that existed in the area when thy first arrived. Although the name was initially used to refer to the river, it would later become the name of the community that developed into today’s Merrimack town, with the only difference being a spelling alteration.
The first European settler is believed to have settled in the Merrimack in the mid 1655s. During this era, the area was under the jurisdiction of Billerica town. After a series of territorial boundary changes that saw Merrimack become part of several land grants and towns, it was officially incorporated in 1746.
Despite the low population at the time, Merrimack’s residents actively fought in the American Revolution and are highly recognized for their bravery during the Battle of Breeds Hill. They also participated in both the War of 1812 and the War of the Rebellion with as much vigor and valor.
Merrimack’s experienced fast growth during the 19th century to the point that a new and bigger town hall had to be constructed to accommodate the first growing population. The arrival of the railway line during the latter stages of the century did not have much impact on the Merrimack. The real transformation came in the mid-1900s in the wake of growing use of the newly invented automobiles. What was a predominantly agricultural community was transformed into a residential town. Merrimack became a designated bedroom community for Bostonians and people from other nearby cities.
Today, Merrimack is also a thriving commercial and industrial hub. Some of the main employers in the town include PC Connection, Anheuser-Busch, BAE Systems, Brookstone and Fidelity Investments among others.