We offer the ability for our clients to pay via Credit Card (up to $10,000), check, and convenient online transfer via our QuickBooks app.

Pre-project Development, aka Design-Build, is what we’re all about at NECR.  We take a consultative approach with each client because every client is unique and so is their remodeling situation.  Our process begins with a convenient over the phone conversation where we’re happy to answer any questions you may have and then we set an appointment to visit your home.  During the home visit, we will discuss your needs and wants, take measurements and photos, discuss budget, feasibility, project duration, and take note of any special requirements you feel important.  We believe that customer service in the remodeling industry is the #1 MISSING link and our goal is to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for you, from the moment we first chat until years after your project is complete.

Our team brings many decades of experience to our clients, where we often move on from our initial home visit into a design phase.  Here, you have the opportunity to work with an award-winning designer and further develop your dream project into a reality.  During these meetings, 3D drawings, exact measurements, and every detail can and will be mapped out all the way down to the knobs and handles on cabinet drawers.  We are able to translate this into a line item specified estimate that leaves zero guesswork for you as to whether anything has been left out of your proposal.  Full details, transparent pricing, 3D images, and documented paperwork allows each of our clients to be in control of the look, feel, and price of their project.  This allows you to know what you’re getting before the project starts and no surprises once we’re underway.  It is the best way we’ve found to deliver to our clients the best projects for the best price.

New England Custom Remodeling is a professional design/build firm, and we started from very humble beginnings over 2 decades ago.  Every member of our team is dedicated to a client-first vision.  We know that you are the reason we are able to do what we love doing every single day.  There truly is no job too small because our aim is not to do a job for you, rather it’s to be your “go-to” remodeling company for life.  Feel free to call today, we’re truly here to help.

Yes, we do! You can find our portfolio under our “Client Projects” section located here.