Located in the heart of Hillsboro County, Merrimack is a small laid-back town that boasts of a rich historical past and promising future. The town has gained a reputation for being a family-friendly residential community and an up-and-coming commercial center that attracts residents from as far as Boston. Merrimack’s well-established road and railway network and its proximity to a regional airport are some of its main selling points.
Since time immemorial, the town of Merrimack has been and is still home to some very popular individuals who have in one way or another shaped the destiny of the town and the nation at large. Below is a detailed list of former and current residents of Merrimack town and their contribution to the community:
Matthew Thornton
Though not a native of the United States, Thornton was a very popular politician and medical practitioner who lived and served in different political positions in New Hampshire. Originally from Ireland, he is mainly remembered for representing New Hampshire in the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. After retiring from politics and medical practice, he moved to his family residence in Merrimack town where he helped run the family-owned Thornton’s ferry and Thornton’s old inn and engaged in farming.
Thornton died at age 90 while on a trip to visit his daughter in Massachusetts. He was buried in Merrimack just outside his former residence. Being one of the earliest and most successful entrepreneurs in the town, he is considered to have imparted positive growth on Merrimack in so many different ways. Today, the Thornton Cemetery, Thornton’s old inn, and Matthew Thornton House are some of the most visited historical locations in the town.
Walter Kittredge
Kittredge was a renowned musician and instrumentalist of the 19th century who was born in Merrimack, NH. He is mostly remembered for his “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground” song which was very popular during and after the American civil war. Kittredge died in his hometown in 1905 at the age of 70.
David Lozeau
San Diego based writer David Lozeau is another proud son of Merrimack town. He specializes in children’s books and is popular for his extensive and outstanding work on Day of the Dead. He is also a popular painter and exhibitioner.
Other popular residents and former residents of this picturesque town include ice hockey player Timothy Robert Schaller who currently plays as a forward for the Vancouver Canucks and late Admiral Forrest Percival Sherman of the U.S. Navy.