Established in the mid-1700s, Merrimack is a history ridden town with beautiful outdoor attractions, scenic parks, and great recreational facilities. The town has experienced significant population growth in the last few years due to its rising popularity as one of the leading residential communities in New Hemisphere. Apart from its great attractions, the town also hosts a number of unique annual events that bring the town to life with celebrations, entertainment, and fun activities. Below is a list of top annual events and festivities that you can enjoy while staying in Merrimack, NH:
Great American Ribfest and Food Truck Festival
Formerly known as Rock’n Ribfest, this annual family-style festival was first celebrated by Merrimack residents in 2003. It has since become one of the most popular festivities within and outside the town. Apart from the delectable ribs which are prepared in different ways by professionals from all over the North American region, the event also features live music, craft beer and food trucks/vendors from some of the leading regional restaurants. There are also games, eating competitions and loads of other fun activities to enjoy. The festival records an attendance of over 30,000 people every year.
Fourth of July Parade
Merrimack’s Fourth of July Parade is another annual event that you cannot afford to miss. The town features a lengthy and somewhat traditional parade and the streets are decorated with red, blue and white. Just like most other celebrations taking place throughout the nation, the event features other fun activities including a pancake breakfast in the morning, a short charity run, and a blaze of fireworks in the evening. According to political traditions, every presidential candidate in the country has to appear or get representation in the Merrimack’s Fourth of July Parade that precedes the presidential elections.
Spring Fling Corvette Car Show
Hosted by the Budweiser plant, the Corvette Show offers the residents of Merrimack a chance to see and learn everything there is to know about Corvette sports cars and pretty much any other engine. During the event, Merrimack’s streets are filled with vehicles of different colors, sizes, and shapes including modern and vintage models. The event also features competitions, Anheuser-Busch brewery tours, food, music, raffle tables, and Clydesdale horse shows.
Winter Carnival
Last on the list is the Winter Carnival, an event whose sole purpose is to keep the community active during the cold season. The festival takes place outdoors at Wasserman Park and features a very long list of family-friendly activities including rides, competitions, art & crafts, ice carving, face painting, and wellness activities like yoga. What better way to kick out the cold in Merrimack than the Winter Carnival?