Creative and Inspiring Bathroom Design Trends

Recently, we introduced the Bathroom Design Trends topic.
Below are the 5 themes we think are important to consider.

#1 – Beautiful Simplicity and Minimalism
#2 – Showers That Seem Invisible
#3 – Sinks-n-Windows
#4 – Add Accents with Wallpaper
#5 – Stone and Wood
Today, let’s think about what’s possible when we Add Accents with…

#5 – Stone and Wood
This style trend, in fact, started getting significant traction a year or two earlier, and it’s recently gotten more popular. Many property owners love the raw and earthy look of wood– from pine to oak and others, and rough, stone accents like slate, which can make the restroom feel cooler and more sophisticated than more traditional or luxury products like marble or porcelain.

Most importantly, you do not have to use real wood or stone to achieve this appearance. Rather, use synthetic items for the exact same look (without the high expense or maintenance requirements of the real thing).

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