Is Walk-In Tub a Good Idea?

Do you have a special person in your home with some mobility challenges?
You certainly want to minimize the risks of them slipping and hurting themself.
If you’ve been thinking about having a walk-in tub install, we have some things for you to consider.

#1 – Entry and Exist Saftey
Not having to climb in and out of a slippery tub can ease worries of injury and make bathing safe and easy.

#2 – Increased Home Value Potential
A Walk-in Tub alone probably won’t raise the value of your home, but they are a good value when you think about the medical cost savings that otherwise occur if someone gets hurt in your bathroom.

#3 – Helping Your Loved One Feel Independent
As people age their physical strength and agility changes. A walk-in tub can help extend a person’s sense of independence and dignity.

The professionals at New England Custom Remodeling are skilled at walk-in tub planning and installation.

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